Off Campus Opportunities

Art can be seen as an expression of creativity through different perspectives. It can be seen all throughout the world. Being able to be inspired by other artists can help you become a better artist yourself.

Outside the classroom is a great opportunity to look at works of art that are done by other students, as well as professional artists. There are many opportunities that are off campus that are great learning experiences.

One of the off campus experiences that is offered is First Friday’s down in the city of Scranton. This event takes place on every first Friday of the month. Many galleries are open during this time and their is a wide variety of different kinds of art that is displayed.

What better way to find inspiration and look a great art work than of the the most well known cities in the world, New York City. NYC is filled with so many different galleries of different new and upcoming artists. Some of the biggest museums are the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), The Guggenheim, The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), just to name a few.  Yet there are galleries and smaller art museums everywhere in the city. Many of which can be great experiences outside the classroom.


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