Oil And Water Photogrpahy

Hello Everyone! It has been a very rainy weekend, and so to keep myself somewhat entertained. I have looked at many articles and Pinterest on ideas to photograph, I found the perfect easy activity! Oil and Water Photography. All you need is a clear glass container, two holders for the ends ( ex: books ), water, vegetable oil and colorful lights. I have seen many people use their tablets if you don’y have colorful lights. You also need a place where it’s dark to get better results.

I set up everything in my closet because that was the only place that was dark. I stirred the oil and water with a spoon to get interesting bubbles. I Googled colorful patterns and got a whole lot of results that I played around with as my background. And the results was magical!

I used my Nikon camera and Micro attachment to get these close up of these bubbles. It was fun finding different sizes of bubbles and different patterns throughout the pan. Also another tip to giving your bubble a little definition, a drop or two of any dish soap and your bubbles have a fine black outline. When I first Photographed without the dish soap it was hard to find and making my camera focus on them.

I highly recommend doing this activity when you are bored on a rainy day or doing this activity any day! Have fun Photographing bubbles!

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