Old Art Dude Discovers New Possibilities

Faculty Guest Blogger: Dennis Corrigan

Dennis Corrigan: For a number of years, I had been stumbling over a tiny drawing (about an inch square) that I had absentmindedly sketched during a routine faculty meeting. Every time I saw it, I thought, “I should do something with that”. Eventually, during the usual crisis of doubt that accompanies starting a new image, I decided to photograph this little drawing and import it into a new app called Art Studio.


Long Day’s Journey into Blight

I first used the app to increase the drawing’s contrast. Then, used drawing, gradient, and color tools to enhance the implied presence of landscape, buildings, car, and characters. I also drew directly on the screen, first, with a stylus, and then, my index finger after zooming into the details of the image. The results surprised me, and introduced me to a new method for creating images. It inspired me to do another, and this time, take the image even further.


The Underminers

My next challenge was to experiment with the seemingly infinite range of color possibilities afforded by the program. At the same time, as I became more comfortable the tools, and discovered new ones, I was able to increase the dramatic effects, spatial depth, details, and clarity of the image. All the while, I would zoom in and out of the image in the same way one would step back from an easel. It seemed that all of the tools and materials were at my fingertips, allowing for faster results and a larger body of work.


The Dinner is Served and the Guests Have Arrived

One of the most satisfying functions of the app is the ability to create layers behind, and in front of the original drawing. The employment of this function gave way to a greater sense of depth, and allowed me to under-paint, and over-paint the image. I also enjoy working with colored light, which is pretty much the ultimate “pigment”.


Fear Grips the Subdivision

Subsequent images strayed farther from the source drawing, and were becoming more like digital paintings. I began to experiment more with color, complexity, and incorporation of abstract elements into the composition. The titles of the work are often inspired by current events and pop culture.

space force

Space Force Follies

I look forward to developing new themes, palettes, environments and characters, while making prints available for sale on Instagram and Facebook.

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