One Last Time

I cannot believe I just started my very LAST semester of undergrad this week. It is unreal to me that I am entering adulthood in May 2019. One thing I love about my time at Marywood is that, I feel ready. I have no doubts or fears. My professors and the faculty at Marywood honestly did an amazing job getting me to where I need to be as I graduate.

I wish I could have one last class with all my professors, this semester. Having only a few Graphic Design classes seems sad. I am going to have a fun semester. The classes I have are:

  1. Printmaking for the Graphic Designer – This class is going to be AMAZING. I will be doing letterpress, screen printing and learn a whole lot of new things.
  2. Advanced Portfolio Development – This class is exciting. I get to put all my work together from my years of learning and make a professional portfolio and brand for myself.
  3. Interactive Design – I have seen so many cool projects other students in the past have created for this class and I am excited to make my own version of it.

Along with those FUN graphic design classes I will have one business class and one english class. All my hard work will finally pay off. End of May, I get to strut across the stage and get that super expensive piece of paper.

I am stoked to show you all what I create this semester. Tune in every Friday to see updates along the way. Don’t forget to keep checking my redbubble and instagram. I will be posting a lot of new things on their this semester.


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