Out for the Mail!

This semester has been a lot of fun so far! The past few weeks we have been working on a certain project that I have been really excited about.

My Graphic Design III class, with Steven Brower, had the task of creating a mailing brochure for the Type Directors Club call for entries. We were instructed to create a theme or design concept that would attract the audience and make them want to read more, while handling the text layout so it was easy for viewers to read.

I rambled through many ideas until I came upon my final idea. The idea I choose to illustrate was a jean jacked with patches. I thought that the illustration would be a neat aspect to have as the poster side.

Here is the poster side:


To keep it cohesive I continued the patches on the back of the jacket onto the type heavy side. I love the way this turned out to keep the design consistent.

Here is the type heavy side:


All together this was a fun project to see how properly design an eye catching mailing brochure. It was fun to think of a call for entries design, that was unique and entertaining at the same time.

Here is the printed product:

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