Outdoor Studio! 

This past week something very exciting happened. I worked up the strength and courage to move my very heavy pottery wheel outside! Lately it has been hard for me to choose where I want to be in the studio or outside. I want all year long to for summer. I love planting flowers and vegetables and taking care of them just as much as I love working with clay. A few weeks ago I made a promise to myself that I would throw every single day of the summer. This went well for the first week but then I got sidetracked with the excitement of good weather.

The first day I had my wheel outside was such a happy day. The sun was out all day and I was throwing really beautiful forms. I felt like I was exactly where I was suppose to be. Although I do wish Emma Pilon, the previous ceramic blogger, was with me to celebrate! Another thing I started doing that day was making more time-lapse videos, like the one below. The videos let me see from a different perspective and give me lots of good feedback.

Since the move outside my pottery wheel has met lots of new people! Everyone in my family has tried to throw—even my four year old niece! I was so proud she took interest in it! She even insists on sitting next to me while I am working. Finding something that you love and sharing it with people you love is one of the best feelings ever!

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