Over dramatic

Daily duties can be rough, so what better way to make them interesting than seeing how they would be with an over dramatic twist? That was just the concept Dennis Corrigan gave to our Basic Photography class recently. It was beyond fun to make reality, but also hard to find daily tasks which didn’t aggravate us. However, some friends and I ventured around the dorms and did what we could, and even actually got some chores done like taking out the trash.

My favorite part of my Basic Photography class is taking the concepts ad figuring out ways to show them in the best way. It tests my abilities and helps me find way to photograph actions I would have never done otherwise.

From not wanting to go to class to stressing about midterms, it was frankly easy to hit the true emotions all us college students feel. Even our impatient nature when waiting for an elevator, only to realize too many athletes were in it.

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