Paint Night

Unfortunately while I still had a few weeks left of school, I missed a great opportunity that my family was able to take. In Huntington, near my nana’s house, the Historical Society put together an interesting Paint Night where historical slates were used as canvases and the participants were able to paint whatever they wanted. These slates were roof tiles from the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Building that the Historical Society provided instead of traditional canvas. The featured picture here is what my mom and sister created that night.

Paint Night

There are other ways to enjoy an interesting paint night like this one. Paint Nights are held in different locations like local restaurants or pubs. Unlike the one at the Historical Society, these paint nights have a specific painting that everyone will be guided to paint. Supplies are available to those who would like to join and the night is filled with painting and drinking with good company. It is a good time to bring your friends together for a night of art. You can also bring Paint Night to your private party. Some Paint Nights have a specific place to go to like Muse Paint Bar while others are held in various that are found though the Paint Nite website.

For those who are under aged, you can create your own paint night. Since I’m only 19, I could not attend these Paint Nights with my family, but my mom and I decided to have our own paint night. There are Paint Nights for younger kids, but my mother and I decided to do it ourselves with a picture from a Paint Night we couldn’t go to. Since each Paint Night has a picture of the painting that will be painted, we used that as a sample along with my previous skills and her experience from other Paint Nights.

Sometimes it is hard to find out what exactly you want to paint. These Paint Nights can give the direction you need. For those who are experienced or those who are just starting, there is an instructor who helps those at different stages at their own pace. Paint Night is an easy and fun way to paint with friends and family and have a good time on an ordinary night. Look for the next Paint Night near you and bring some friends, and if you can’t drink, start your own Paint Night with a group of friends with some non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.

The first two pictures were painted by my sister at separate Paint Nights in separate pubs, and the last was created by myself with the template of a previous paint night. You can pick whatever picture you like and find the date for that specific Paint Night or do it yourself with any picture. The choice is yours. Either way, the experience is worth it.

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