Painting Monkeys

I love painting portraits of people. Specifically I love painting the wrinkles of the face and capturing a specific expression, but sometimes when I want to play around and experiment with faces I do monkey portraits instead. Monkey faces can take on the same format as a human portrait, but they are much more expressive and often silly. They allow me to play with color, since some have red or blue skin, and they usually have an abundance of wrinkles around the eyes that are fun to paint. In addition to this they are my mom’s favorite animal and she gets very excited every time I paint one, so I have been making them for years and have gotten pretty good at it.

During the past few weeks I have been working on a few new monkey paintings. They are all smaller sizes, between 9×12 and 11×14, and they are of three different species. Another thing I love about painting monkeys is the variation between all of the different kinds, just like people they have all different shapes and sizes so there’s always something new to try, it never gets repetitive or boring.  The first painting is a chimpanzee, the second is a snow monkey, and the third is an orangutan. I Hope to do some more in the coming weeks.

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