Painting Shoes: Part 3

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a nice holiday break. For Christmas I wanted to create something special for my best friend. I painted on shoes for her that have her favorite animals on them.

To create the painting, I first painted each shoe with a layer of Gesso to prime the surface of the shoe. That way the paint has a base to build from. All of my references are pictures in the public domain or they don’t have copyright.

To start painting the shoes after I drew my design, then I painted the background to know how dark I wanted my colors to be on the animals. I used blue to make a underwater background for the animals I painted, manta rays, a jellyfish, and humpback whales.

For this project I chose to paint whales on one shoe and the manta rays and jellyfish on the other. I wanted to make the most of the surface area on the shoe. When I was done painting the shoes, I made sure to seal the paint to protect it. I used a mod podge acrylic sealer spray that I bought from Amazon. I sprayed 2 coats on the shoes to make sure the paint won’t crack or fade. To make to shoes resistant towards water I sprayed them with a Scotch-guard fabric protector spray.

I am very happy with how the shoes came out. She was able to open them on Christmas Day. I would definitely recommend painting shoes. It was a challenge to paint on a surface that wasn’t flat but it was very fun. I would love to paint on shoes again.