Palmer Museum of Art

This weekend I visited Penn State to see my boyfriend and while we were there we went to the Palmer Museum of Art. Its quite small but has a wide variety of work, plus its free administration! While I was there I came across three pieces that took my breath away, two of them are class and one is wood.

The first glass piece is by Dale Chihuly in 1995. The name of the piece is called Peacock Blue and Yellow Seaform Set with Yellow Lip Wraps. This piece was located right next to the stairs and the light coming from the windows reflected off of it beautifully. The main form of glass looks like coral or even flower petals, and it has multiple other pieces all orange that look like seashells but are so much more beautiful.

Then there was this smaller glass piece by Lewis Woodruff called Taking Root. It is a cylinder with a sparkling tree right in the middle with the ground and its roots twisting around the bottom. This piece is so pure, by that I mean it is truly beautiful.

Lewis Woodruff

Lastly, there is the wooden piece by Marisol called Blackfoot Delegation to Washington, 1916. This was a very interesting piece for many reasons, one being its taller then me, and of how abstract and different it is to everything else that was in the museum. I thought it would be better to just attach the information with the photo it came with so everyone can see the history behind it!

It was a very interesting experience, and I would recommend it everyone!

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