Passport to Success

There’s something about people who study abroad. They always come back a bit more keen to the ways of the world, are much more open to trying new things, and have a greater propensity for making spontaneous decisions. But something much more interesting happens when you are immersed in a culture much different from your own. Instead of being content with your experiences, your curiosity and desire to learn are intensified.

Studying abroad is a frightening idea for some people. Being on your own in a foreign country and knowing only a few words of the native language is an intimidating thought in itself, but the idea of spending four months away from the comforts of what (and who) you know can be sort of terrifying. It’s a big risk to take, but the benefits of choosing to go far outweigh any reasons not to. You get to meet new people, try new foods, visit monuments and see artwork you never dreamed you’d get to see in person, and most importantly you find yourself and begin to determine exactly what you want out of life.

Many people that I have spoken to said that their study abroad program was what drove them to discover what they want to do for the rest of their lives, and a lot of times it’s a far cry from their original plans. It allows you to reflect on yourself and your dreams and ultimately shows you that you have endless possibilities. No one ever talks about regretting studying abroad, but many have said that they regret choosing not to. The friends, independence, and exposure to new things make for an experience that no one should miss out on.

Interested in study abroad? There’s a wide world waiting for you out there! Study abroad experiences can be tailored to individual comfort levels so students get exactly what they want from the experience. The amount of time spent overseas could range from a few weeks in the summer to an entire academic year.

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