Patriotic Painting

A while back ago I wrote a post about my paint pour paintings that create marbled effects. I have been trying to test various paints and additives to create a happy formula which I believe I have achieved, for the most part!

While creating some paintings my father requested that I make a painting inspired by the American Flag. I completed the painting this week so I thought I’d share my results with everyone.

To start it I did two small tests on cardboard to get a basic idea of technique and composition. I wasn’t completely confident that it would turn out to look like the flag, so I had to test some things out. Although the only way to actually get some results was to do it on the canvas. I did it on a 16×20 canvas because if I was happy with the results I wouldn’t be able to do it again the same, and with acrylic it could be painted over with. For this painting I did a dirty pour which is pouring the paints directly onto the canvas. Normally I have been creating paintings with the flip cup, which all the paints are mixed together into one cup. With the dirty pour I was able to control which color I want where to create the distinct stripes and blue area. The stripes were the easiest part and were created first. It then came to the blue spot with the stars. I poured down the blue paint then used my fingers and flicked various white spots for the stars. I then dropped some bigger areas. While creating it one area started to resemble a star so I emphasized its features and created more like it throughout the blue. Overall I am pleased with the results and how much it does look like the American Flag.

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