Philly Classics

Being from Philly definitely has its perks. Throughout the course of the summer, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has a “Pay What You Wish” thing of Wednesday nights after 5:00 pm. This consists of paying what you would like as a donation for the museum.  This is great way for more people to get exposed to the great art Philadelphia holds.

From living in Philadelphia, I always enjoy see what new exhibitions they have or what is coming up soon. But the classics never get old. They serve such an inspiration in so many ways.  Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet… you really can just can never get enough of them. After learning about them in my art history classes and seeing their pieces in person, I can really say they never get old. The way their pieces make me want to create even more, I don’t see that feeling going away any time soon.

I look forward to visiting again and witnessing the great creations again. The classics that are in Philadelphia will always serve such a great purpose in the art world.

Featured Image: Picture of the Philadelphia Skyline

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