Photos in the Flower Field!

Last week me and a friend took a little trip to Lakeland Orchard and Cidery in Jermyn, PA! There were so many fun things to do there, and lots of things to take photos of. The orchard has different seasons of flower growing. In the next few months they are offering zinnias, sunflowers, and flowering kale. We went on the first day that they were showing off their beautiful field of zinnias!

As I am someone that doesn’t really know a lot about flowers, (I just love to look at them!) I didn’t know that zinnias came in so many colors! We really liked walking through flowers and seeing all of the different types. You can also cut flowers when you visit as well! We also found it hard to pick which ones we wanted because there were just so many!

There were people there doing photoshoots between the flowers, and I’m sure that their photos turned out great!

It really is cool to see nature can produce. The fact that something so natural can grow to be pink or bright orange is really is amazing to me. Other than the flowers, they also have a large orchard of apples that I’m sure will be fantastic when it is open for harvesting in the fall.

There was of course a lot of little insects flying around as well. We saw tons of bees and even a butterfly! My friend Ivy captured this awesome butterfly photo! I also took some photos with my film camera, but it will be a while before those are developed. I’ve seen a lot of places start fields of flowers like this for people to come and see lately, and I think that it is such a fun idea! It’s really cool to be able to pick your own flowers to take home.

They also had veggies as well! With our day pass we got to pick a bag full of veggies, and we also got a free flower! (I of course ended up buying a ton to bring home though.) Overall it was such a fun day at the Lakeland Orchard and Cidery, and I would love to come back in the fall to check out what they have to offer then. As mentioned in their name, they have regular cider, as well as hard cider for purchase.

I was also very happy with how well they kept the area safe for visitors. Employees were wiping down all surfaces at all times, and they enforced mask wearing very well. We both felt very comfortable while walking around. Definitely check them out if you are in the area!

And remember to take lots of photos!

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