Picking Your Dream Tattoo

Have you ever wanted a tattoo but weren’t sure what you wanted? With a tattoo being a permanent part of your body it can be hard to figure out what would be best for you. Today I want to give tips to those who might be struggling to figure out what they want, and also some tips regarding tattoos in general.

First off it is important to think about why you are getting a tattoo; do you want it just for fun or is it starting a new chapter of your life? You want to consider whether or not you want your tattoo to have a certain meaning to you or if you want it for aesthetic purposes. From there you can determine the subject matter. At this point you could start looking around at tattoo designs and find some that jump out at you or might be something you want to incorporate in your own tattoo. If you want your tattoo to have a certain meaning you can figure out what symbols or words might work best. Family or friends members might be a good place to find inspiration in you are really stuck.

When trying to find a place to get tattooed, make sure you look around. Be sure that whatever place you pick looks clean and the needles are brand new before they tattoo you. Expensive tattoos from well known artists might not be the best route to take as they are usually booked months in advance. Try looking around at many different tattoo shops and look at the tattoos artist’s work to find a style that fits what you are getting. You want to make sure you look at someone’s tattooing work before you get one done by them.

Lastly if you really aren’t sure if you would like a tattoo or not, you can always wait. You can take as much time as you need when deciding, as tattoos are permanent and laser removal does not sound like fun. The artists aren’t going anywhere and this is something that you should have fun with.

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