Pinch Pots

Back in October, I wrote a post about the pinch pots I made in my Ceramics I course. I mentioned how my pinch pots were inspired by the M.C. Richards Centering: Life + Art – 100 Years exhibit that was shown in the Mahady Gallery at Marywood a few months ago. I finally finished my pinch pots last Friday and I am completely satisfied and happy with my results!

My original plan was to incorporate acrylic paint into my design because M.C. Richards did quite a few paintings as well as pottery. For me, her paintings were free, expressive, and colorful. I truly enjoyed looking at them and  wanted to incorporate those aspects into my project.

I also planned to glaze the outsides of each pinch pot a neutral color in order for them to been seen as a set. I chose the waxy black glaze because it is one of my favorite glazes. I simply love the way it looks after fired. It is very clean and sleek.

As for my acrylic paint plan, that changed quite a bit. My original plan was to choose six different pastel colored paints and paint each of the insides a different color. Instead I went for more vibrant colors working with blue, green, pink, yellow, purple, and coral. I started painting one pot (shown in the bottom right of each photo) with blue and added some green which lead me to blend the colors together. I was very happy with what happened when I took that approach because the blending of the two colors created this beautiful color combination that made a galaxy look. I was simply in love with this unexpected outcome!

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