Hello everyone! I am pumped to share my recent package design project with you. I created a super fun photograph holding box. The main concept of this project was for it to be content related.

As many of you can tell I can’t stay away from my camera, and that is what really inspired me. I felt that whenever I print photos, which I do often, they always give me them in an envelope. It is easy for them to get damaged and the envelope always gets tossed. Along with that you will always be able to spot your box of photos easily with the camera designed box.

Why not receive your photo prints in a box that you can also use to store them? I made the box according to size of the photos inside of it. This is realistic camera size, but size would vary based on print size.

When choosing the aesthetic for this project, I found it fun to make it pop. Memories happen in a flash and always have a pop, thats what makes them stick. The color palette is simple black, white and a pop of color, yellow.

I liked the thought of making it look like a realistic camera, but I wanted to simplify it. I used simple graphics to make it visually recognizable but not 100% realistic. I hope to make two or three more versions of this in different packaging sizes. I plan to show you them all as a set!

As finals week hits and my mind wonders to winter wonderland with the holidays approaching, I am super excited to continue showing you some fun things I created this semester and do over break!



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