Pops of Color

I have been working with some watercolor again, because I have not used it a long time. I have never gotten proper training with watercolor techniques, so I have always just kind of winged it. Well I was on Pinterest and I was looking at some different water color paintings to get some kind of inspiration, but I always feel like I need to draw over top of mine. I cannot just paint a watercolor picture and feel as if it completely finished. I wish I could because I think that they are so amazing! So again, I tried something new. I did one patch of color and then I just drew flowers on top of it.

This one, shown here, I did from a picture, it is not exactly the same, but its the same concept. I think I might try to make some more of these because I really like how this one came out. I even bought some new brushes because all that I have been using are these really junky brushes that I just find in my desk drawers hahah. Some of them I don’t even know if they are mine or if they are from my grandmother. They have been doing the job though, but it is definitely time for new ones. I still love playing with line when I draw or making any kind of 2D art. I don’t know what about lines attract me, but that’s all I focus on when I draw.


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