Portfolio Pieces

After getting the chance to mess around with all the new features on my computer, I actually went back to my flash drive from this past school year and took a look at all of my past projects. I wanted to see if there was anything I could use to turn into a new sticker, or maybe even turn into a possible portfolio piece. That is where I rediscovered my combined symbol project, and it sparked an idea.

For this project from my Visual Concepts class this past spring, my class and I had to take two different images or symbols and combine them into one. My final three combinations were a jewelry ring wrapped around the rings of Saturn, a pair of glasses with donuts for lenses, and my favorite one: a flamingo with golf clubs for legs. My classmate who ended up critiquing my work even came up with the name “Flamingolf” for my piece which I really liked. I also remembered that my teacher said my symbol could be used, for example, as a design for a golf club in Florida so I thought why not test out some designs and see what I come up with. No reason to let my design go to waste, maybe I can actually come up with a couple cool portfolio pieces!

So far what I have played around with is making some business cards, a letterhead, and an envelope design. I put them together pretty quickly so I still have plenty of time to make even more changes, and I might even make some mock advertisement posters as  well. I am liking what I have so far, and there is a bunch of other things I can do with my design. I am pretty happy that I was able to find a way to incorporate an old project into something I could possibly use in my portfolio. Maybe I will have to go back and look at some more of my old projects for inspiration!

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