Portfolio Prep

Every artist knows the grueling and difficult process of compiling their professional portfolio. Over the past few weeks I have been experiencing that same sensation. However, it has had an immensely positive effect. Yes I have been working hard, photographing pieces, compiling those photos to showcase myself as an artist, and actually choosing pieces I want to include (which proved to be much more difficult than it sounds). But despite some frustration I may have felt, I am so proud of myself and what I have accomplished in my time at Marywood. Looking at all of my work has brought me a level of confidence I have never experienced. I can remember each and every piece, where it was created, what materials I used, how I felt at the time. It is a bittersweet project to undergo, but a rewarding one none the less.

I want you, for a moment, to remember a time when you felt proud—proud of yourself, your work (whatever it may be)—and thank yourself for the work you put in. Thank yourself for not giving up when you knew it was the easier route. Despite your frustrations, you didn’t give up and that in itself deserves recognition. This endeavor has made me feel like an artist. I feel, seeing years of work in front of me, that I am successful in the path I have chosen to follow. I hope you give yourself the pat on the back that you ultimately deserve for the work you do and for all that you have accomplished. We all fail, cry, get angry, but that is what pushes us to succeed. Take a step back and take in what you have done. Be proud…I am.

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