Portfolio Reviews

So as we reach the middle of the Spring semester, we get closer to portfolio reviews! While I know this time is stressful, especially if you’re an illustration major and haven’t had any Illustration classes yet (Much like me!) So here’s some tips for you guys that are feeling the stress start building.

Creating your Portfolio

1. Make a list! If you go through Moodle, you can see a nice little rubric they set up for you. This can be a great way to get an idea of what the grading professors are looking for. Writing your list of what you need may help you gather what you need from your foundations classes, and what you can put in from your own separate work.

2. Set your work with spay. Spray any charcoal work, and crop anything you think would look better with a better composition. It’s important to gather your best work here, and it’s even more important that your best work looks it’s best. If you have small papers, put them in a portfolio, even if it’s a cheap one. If you have paintings or large drawings, maybe a carrying case styled portfolio will be better for you.

3. Practice talking about your work. The teachers, who are not scary and completely and totally in it just to review your progress in a non-objective way, are there to see what you’ve learned, and what you can learn. It’s important you can talk about your mediums, why you did what you did, and what you plan to do.

4. Don’t forget your sketchbook. Yes, they want to see what you’ve made already, the best and brightest. But they also like to see that you have your sketchbook with it’s art and doodles and notes. It’s important that you show your thought process and show off what you can do outside of assignments. Often times, our sketches are things we are afraid to show but are some of our most true works.

5. Last but certainly not least, don’t be nervous. As I said, the teachers are there to just gauge where your progress is. There is no reason to be afraid, as they are trying to learn what it is they need to teach you. They are just teachers, and they are here to help you grow your craft.

If you guys are nervous about your reviews, just pop me a message. Good luck and keep on creating!

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