Potato Stamps

Did you know stamp prints are a form of printmaking?

When I was younger I remember when we would cut designs into a fruit or vegetable and then use paint to make a print. We would create patterns and fill the page with our designs.

As president of the CMYK club, the graphic design club at Marywood, I want to incorporate more interactive activities into our meetings. The simple projects that I used to do in Junior and High School have given me some fun ideas for the club.

At our next meeting or maybe in preparation for First Friday in October, I want to make potato pumkin prints. The process is simple but there are endless design possibilities. We would carve a pumkin face on a potato and make prints to hang and/or give to friends.

The holiday season is just around the corner and there is so much that can be done with printmaking. What is your favorite thing to make (besides food) during the holidays?

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