Preforming Arts: 2Cellos

You might have heard of this duo already but if not, you’re welcome. I want to take a break from the fine arts and take a look at the musical arts of two cello players. As their title suggests, the two musicians mainly play on cellos in the most chaotic, and exciting way. The two cellists play their instruments together and work off of each other’s antics, which can include but are not limited to headbanging, banging the instrument, shredding the bow until the strings are undone, strumming the cello, spinning the cello, spinning on the floor while playing the cello, and other similar activities.

My favorite video that they have published would have to be their “Thunderstruck” music video. The video begins with a crowd of posh Victorian men, women, and children entering a concert hall to listen to a musical performance. The crowd is seated in the hall and on the stage the two cellists dressed in a similar fashion as the audience begin to play a memorizing classical melody with their cellos. About a minute into the video the rhythm changes the pace quickens and the intensity is increased. The audience is surprised with the dramatic change with the expectation of the children who are enjoying the change of pace. Strings are torn off of the bows, headbanging ensues, neckerchiefs are thrown off without care by one of the two cellists. The performance is exciting, unexpected, and entertaining and once it is finished the two cellists turn to the audience but there is no applause.

The calm before the storm

The themes behind the music video show that the opinions of others don’t matter when it comes to expressing yourself. Passion for the arts is meant to make the performer happy and if even the audience doesn’t like it, do it anyway.

Follow this link to watch the music video on YouTube.

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