Preparing for the MFA final show

The process of preparing to showcase your work to the world may seem like a breeze, but there are so many things to consider throughout the journey.

The first point we have considered is what do we call our entire body of work? What will speak to the wider variety of audiences and encourage people to come and view all of our long hours and semester of commitment to a single idea of creation. A point that I am still trying to create and determine what will perfectly fit the purpose I am trying to create.

Along with creating a name for each of our individual creations of work, the MFA students are in the process of creating a postcard to send out to promote our final show and encourage the community to partake in all of our hard work.

These considerations will determine how many people come to the opening of the show and also will shape if our individual research connects with the audience.

Check back for more updates and considerations on my experience in my final semester of grad school.

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