Presenting an Urgent Message

Hi Everyone! Today’s post is a bit on the shorter side, Things are slow in the semester so far, so today I was going to go in depth about my new project for Graphic Arts II.

The Infographic

An Infographic is a poster or interactive web material that is used to present statistics or helpful information to the general public. So if a company wanted to show general statistics about how reliable their product or business is they may use an infographic to highlight certain facts.

I wanted to make mine an informative piece on marine heatwaves, a phenomena becoming more prevalent due to global warming. I had only recently learnt of marine heatwaves in the past couples of months so I thought not only was this a good topic, but also a good way to inform myself about this topic. The main goal I had in mind with this infographic was to alert my audience about marine heatwaves, how destructive they are, and how climate change has affected them.

The project listed that I use 5 forms of data such as graphs, quotations, pie charts, and several other visual methods of communicating scientific or journalistic info.

Here is how it looks currently, pardon any odd for faded colors because while It is meant to be a print, I have had trouble converting this to RGB for the purpose of this post

Gathering the data was definitely the most time consuming part of this project so far. This is just due to having to go by very complex and esoteric data I found in scientific journals. The most important thing about an infographic is that people should able to understand your topic as easily as possible so streamlining or simplifying data is something I had to do for the sake of comprehension. I usually pick one thing I really want to show in my projects and branch out from there so I started with a map detailing current marine heatwaves.

I would expect to see some more major changes to this poster as I still have roughly a week till it’s due date but overall i’m happy with it at the moment. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Sketch of the Week

This week is a bit of a mixture. some doodle and studies, the bottom part is another character design for my Digital Illustration and my initial concept on the infographic and business card. I feel like I’m starting to control a ball point pen alot better so hopefully when I get back to ink my craftsmanship will be much better.

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