Printing a Children’s Book

Hi everyone, this past week I have been preparing for the senior show that is coming up. One of the things that I plan on displaying in the gallery is the children’s book I adapted for my book illustration class I took last semester with Megan Halsey and Melanie Hall. During the class I was given the script of a story “Something Nasty in the Cabbages”. The story is about Reynard, a fox and Chantecler, a rooster. During the story the fox tries to trick the rooster to get to the chickens, but the rooster gets away from the fox and returns to the farmyard.

For this project, I really wanted to create a finished product that I could be proud of. For this story I adapted the script so it would be easier to read. The book has a total of 34 pages. I wanted the book to have a realistic view, all the animals are stylized. I chose to keep the illustrations in the book as pencil drawings, I think it gives the book a friendly feeling. I got to design the book cover of the story, so I chose to use a scene from the story on the book cover. I designed the cover after the interior of the book was finished, so the scene on the cover is not the same image for that part of the story in the book. I having two copies printed so that I have one for the show and one to keep.

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