Printmaker: Adrianne Bresijn

Hello everyone!

We’re going to discuss another awesome printmaker this week! I just want to express how much I love what printmaking has to offer as a craft because it involves the artist to be skilled in carving designs, composition, contrast, operating presses or screens, using inks and rollers, and so many other requirement to make printmaking happen. I enjoy seeing printmaking related topics pop up on my social media feeds as I’m always impressed and inspired by all the independent creators out there. Among those I admire, I’d like to introduce you to creator, Adrianne Bresijin, a Dutch printmaker and designer located in the Netherlands and operating worldwide.

Her works consist of graphic design, logo design, but mainly it is linocut prints with themes tied to nature, fantasy and, the occult. Adrianne technical skill is demonstrated with her control of her cuts on the linoleum block. The lines are decisive, the imagery is clear, and composition is balanced. The prints are well rendered showing that Adrianne really cares about the end result of her efforts. Another reason I enjoy printmaking so much is it’s use of the element of design, Line. Line is my favorite element and you can accomplish so much with it like how Adrianne uses line to visually explain movement, gradation, variety.

The art piece that caught my eye today is referred to as Comet Moth. Personally, I have an odd fear of moths because I find them creepy and gross, but some are okay I guess, and this print makes them beautiful. Adrianne drew the design on the art software Procreate, and then transfers that design onto the linoleum block. She carves out the negative space with care, and in this specific print she has a separate linocut for the background color and designs. The ink roller, fresh and evenly covered in ink, is ready to roll onto the linocut, and then to be printed onto paper. The outcome is satisfying, and the best part is that the print can be recreated over and over again.

I hope you enjoyed this artist as much as I did! You can follow the artist on Instagram, and you can check you their website here. Until next time!

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