Printmaking Sketchbook

I have been sketching a lot this week trying to figure out the best way to draw Our Lady of Guadalupe on the linoleum. I’m still not happy with my sketches but I’d like to say I’m making progress.

I’ve never been very good at sketching or drawing so this has been a challenging experience. I always want things to look good so every time I make a mistake I erase it and start over. As the week went on I realized that it’s not the quality of the sketch that matters but the quantity.

The point of sketching is to get you ideas flowing so that you have a variety of images to work with. Once you get all your ideas out on paper you can start to further develop your design.

Sketching is helping me get an idea of what I want the finished product to look like. The next step would be to take the best qualities of each sketch and bring them all together on the linoleum. Stay tuned!

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