Production Mode

While I wait for the larger pieces of my projects to come together (I have a lot of display options to consider), I tasked myself with setting up a production line of sorts to create a high volume of smaller components I’ll need to cover surfaces of larger pieces. I’ve been making these little cast forms since I started in the MFA program, but I need A LOT more of them to be able to fill space how I envision it.

I have a pretty efficient set-up in my studio already: I used long ropes of plasticine to secure rows of plastic molds to the table top, so all I have to do is pour plaster in each one and wait for it set long enough to support the metal T pins I am using to secure the pieces to their bases. Getting a manageable number of molds set up was the challenging part of the process: too few, and I’m left with a lot of wet plaster, but too many, and I can’t get the pins secured in the plaster before it hardens.

After the plaster sets and is ready to be removed from the molds, I just pop each one out and stick them in lengths of foam so they can dry out fully and be stored more compactly (and without fear of poking myself with pins) until I’m ready to arrange them on their final form. Repeating this process a few times a day should yield more than enough pieces needed for my show!


Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2019

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