Redesign: A Risky Business

Hello lovelies, I hope everyone had a fantastic week! This week, I wanted to talk about something that as a designer keeps me awake at night – a bad redesign. 

Anyone on planet earth who owns a smartphone and or has access to the internet knows how a redesign can really help a brand, but also sometimes the redesign falls short. 

The most recent and well known example would be the Snapchat ghost that received a redesign in August of 2019 the well loved social media app’s logo got a redesigned that shook the internet. Although not a major change, the logo change caused quite a controversy when we saw the little mascot with a thick black line outlining the ghost. 

original snapchat logo

The social media app claims that the design was created because it would pop out amongst apps on a users phone. However TONS of people felt the line was too thick and made them feel uncomfortable. 

redesigned snapchat logo

A redesign is always a risk when it comes to a business. In my opinion there are two types of redesign, a revolution and an evolution. You may know what I mean, but a revolution is changing the branding entirely. A perfect example of a brand revolution would be would be popular vacation tool Airbnb. It went from a script to a clean sans serif with an icon. I think this was an incredibly successful revolution of a brand.

airbnb before and after

Now an evolution of a brand is taking the same general aspects of a brand but slightly altering them for a new look or feel. Although many people find this to be the safest route of logo design, I think it is also a lot more risky. Sometimes the original logo created is not the most successful which means you’re limited with what you’re working with. The perfect example of this is the Uber redesign.

uber before and after

Although the brand did not do an overhaul, or add any new elements/icons it shows the evolution of the logo. Still clean and can work in tons of situations. 

As 2019 is winding down, I am sure there will be more rebrands in the futures as companies are looking to compete with those who have redesigned. 

What is your favorite redesign of 2019? What is your least favorite? 

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