Reflections on Alligators

Hey guys! Hope you all had an excellent week, and a great Thanksgiving! For this week’s entry, I had been having so much trouble trying to come up with something that I could talk about. I couldn’t think of anything specific, except that I wanted it to be about watercolor. I use water in a lot of my art, especially in my illustrations. I love the way you can stack up watercolors and make pieces vibrant and so full of life.

I then remembered that last semester I got the privilege of going to The Philadelphia Museum of Art. I grew up in Philadelphia and had gone to the museum before, but I was young so the second time I visited as an adult was a completely new experience, with a new artistic outlook. Even so, I remember that I still went in with awe and excitement.

At the time they were doing a watercolor exhibit, which was not added to the cost of the tickets but I paid the extra to go see it all. I’m so glad that I did.

I found one of my favorite pieces to date, John Singer Sargent’s Muddy Alligators. Staring at it, was really draws me in is the way he used colors to express the light. I also love how the alligators look true to their color, while still reflecting these beautiful purple colors on their bodies. The way the alligator’s textures were exhibited were beautiful, as he used darker colors to make the shadows of the scales, thus creating wonderful rocky scales all over their winding bodies.

Muddy Alligators by John Sargent

Muddy Alligators by John Singer Sargent Courtesy of Worchestor Art Museum

I love the vibrancy of the purples, and the ability of his to really know how to bring colors around the canvas for visual interest. I remember I loved the piece so much, I bought a print of it the day I went! It hangs in my house at this moment!

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading guys! I will update you on my art progress, and don’t forget to check out my instagram, where I post some of my watercolors regularly! What are some of your favorite watercolor pieces? Do you have some that you’ve made that you’re very proud of? I’d love to see them! And remember until next week, keep on creating!

All photos are courtesy of Worchestor Art Museum, and were made and painted by John Singer Sargent.

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