Renovations and Painting

Per my last blog, I’ve been interning at Jeff D’Angelos Design Group in Scranton. This last week I’ve worked on a few different things.

To start, there is an 80s dance party that we are supplying/holding.

I was tasked to help paint some simple new pieces they need for the event.

So I painted in the colors and Jeff did the black outlining.

After that, Jeff and I went out to the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Headquarters to renovate the front where some old pieces Jeff put together for them years ago were. When we got there, we disassembled the current state of the pieces so we could reorganize them.

After about two hours, we were able to get them set up in new, beautiful placements for guests to feel welcomed and immersed in the Lackawanna Heritage Valley.

Finally, I was tasked to paint a large mushroom statue for the backyard of one of Jeff’s clients.

To preface, this man’s backyard was astonishing. Absolutely encapsulating of a forest. He even has a koi pond in the middle! Many of Jeff’s artworks lay around the backyard, completing the look. In one part, he is starting a mushroom themed area. So, with one of the new mushroom statues placed, I painted to fit in the the rest of its colorful surroundings.

We returned it right after I was done and we decorated in with faux leaves and added a dirty effect to it so it didn’t stand out too much.

That concludes my week. How was yours?

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