Resin Jewelry

Recently I tried something completely new that I actually found out about at a craft fair. I went to the ScrantonMade Holiday Market to support two of my friends that sold their pottery there, and there was a girl in another booth nearby who made resin jewelry. I didn’t ask many questions about it, but I later went to Hobby Lobby and saw a resin kit there! So I splurged and bought molds and the kit to make some jewelry. I definitely messed up a lot of them first and it was a trial and error but I think I finally got it perfect. I even added some gold leaf and sparkles to it. In addition, I had to buy some earring hooks and drill holes into the resin to get a tiny hole into each charm so I could put hooks into it.

Then I tried adding food color to the resin to make different colors and that was a complete fail. I don’t know what the food coloring did but it made the consistency really odd. To get the color I wanted I had to go out and buy pigment. I was debating between black and white to start, but I did white to begin. If I have people who really like these, I will start to adventure into more colors with the gold leaf. The resin is definitely more pricey than the clay was but I think I like it slightly better for earrings. I guess we will see what else I can make with resin. I am definitely going to experiment with it a lot more!



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