Revisiting the Bucket List

Hi everyone!

As a Graphic Design major, my portfolio is just as, if not more, important to me than my future degree. To make my portfolio as good as it can be, I’ve been spending a lot of time refining work that might have already been “finished.” This week I’ve been working on my Bucket List design.

I felt as if it lacks texture, which is what was suppose to really give it a particular feeling of amateurism, like it came straight out of a high schooler’s notebook full of doodles. Having it in such a vectored format took that character away. The reason it wasn’t there in the first place was due to time but most importantly, I hadn’t explored brushes in Illustrator until recently.

At the moment I’m just trying to work from the center out using a variety of charcoal brushes to get that graphite sort of look.

Some of my fonts are also script so instead of hand drawing them I’m planing on drawing over them so that the texture will still be visible on it’s trim. I also streamlined some of the items on my bucket list so it didn’t feel so cramped. This gives the piece a lot more breathing room and allows for additional illustration later on if I choose to add something new.

This Bucket List will be one of many pieces I plan on including in my portfolio in preparation for next month, as my university has a scheduled portfolio review every year to see where I am as a designer. I’m hoping to impress!

Hope you guys enjoyed today!

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