Rewiring Works

Hello again guys, yet another week is done and we’re well into the semester now! With that has come more experience in my work with the Maslow Collection here on campus.

What I want to go over with this time is the rewiring and packing of some pieces which I did for the first time this past week and it was actually a lot of fun! Though I was a little anxious as I had to handle pieces that were much more expensive than any pieces I had worked with before.

The first thing I did was pick a piece up, holding it by the sides of the frame and ensuring I had a firm grip on it before leaning the back of the piece against my knee. Once it was settled I measured a piece of wire out, making sure it would stretch from one piece of the work to the other without having too much slack. It needed to fit on the back of the frame without going too high, ensuring that the nail it would hang on won’t mess it up.

After it was measured I had to wrap the wire through the ring screwed into the frame and wrap it around itself tightly, not giving it any room to slip or move. This part was calming but I had to be careful because the wire could easily cut my finger if I didn’t pay attention. Then I had to repeat this process on the opposite side, tugging on the middle gently to double-check the amount of slack I had given the wire. Then the wiring was done!


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