Ripley’s Odditorium

This weekend I started my vacation at Myrtle Beach and I one of my first stops, besides the beach, was Ripley’s Odditorium. I been to one before in New York but I really loved the art that I saw in this Odditorium. The first thing I saw was staple art, which was the first of many weird but cool art works that I never seen before. Throughout this whole experience I could not believe how these artist could sit down and do this with these materials.

My next favorite was this portrait of Vincent Van Gogh made out of jellybeans. I was mostly surprised by how good it was. I knew who it was immediately and once when I got closer I saw that it was made out of jelly beans.

Lastly, was this portrait of Robert Downey Jr. painted with ash. The artist, Wilmer Lam, went through many cigarettes and would use the ash with his fingers to paint portraits.

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