Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good week. This past weekend, I went with my best friend, Akira, to a cabin in Roscoe, NY… it was much needed time spent in the mountains with my second family.

We only stayed for 3 days/2 nights, but I got the chance to go tubing for the first time on the Delaware River and had a few cookouts, made s’mores (I haven’t had s’mores in years), and skip rocks. The weather, originally predicted to rain the whole weekend, actually turned out to be nothing but blue skies.

Above is the cabin I stayed in with Akira. It was comfortably small and had a nice view of the river. The others are some shots of some cloud formations and we also got a glimpse of a double rainbow!

Above are shots of the the river right behind our cabins. We went down to skip rocks and take pictures, just the simplicity of standing on the rocks with my best friend meant the world to me. I wish we could’ve stayed longer, it was really nice to have a change of pace even for a little bit. The blue crocs are my feet- I love taking pictures of my shoes wherever I go, it reminds me of where I’ve been and makes me feel more grounded in the moment.

I really hope everyone has had a good summer so far. I’ve been focusing on my summer classes with the occasional trip in between. In a few weeks, I’ll be going to Virginia Beach for the first time and next week I might be camping at Rickett’s Glen for the first time. Stay safe and remember, #blacklivesstillmatter !

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