Rock Painting

Since I was a kid, I’ve always collected rocks and shells. Even now, when I go to the beach with my friends, I spend some time looking for cool seashells. When I was a kid, I loved to paint them – putting splotches of colors or making a smiley face. I’m so happy that I now get to share that with my two nieces.

This past week was our annual family vacation to Lake Wallenpaupack. Among days spent swimming in the lake or on the boat, I made sure to find time to collect and paint some rocks with the girls. When I asked them if they wanted to, they asked if I brought paint. I said, “Have you met me?” So, one of the days, my older niece, Evelyn, who’s almost six, helped me find some good rocks to paint on. The best ones have large areas of flat surface, and it’s even better if they slant a little so they can sit nicely on a shelf. We spent some time down by the water picking up rocks to inspect and wash them in between skipping some flat ones (my all time favorite activity at the lake). We left them out to dry and waiting until the next morning to paint.

We had so much fun painting them! Evelyn showed off her knowledge of the color wheel and how to mix colors, and my younger niece Margaret, who’s three, wanted to explore every color I had – and I had a lot. The two were especially exciting about my gold, silver, and copper paints, and I don’t blame them, they’re really cool! We spent the week doing other forms of art, too, like play-do, dot art, and having drawing competitions. Evelyn had me compete against my brother in a competition of drawing each other, and she said we tied but I totally won. I can tell they had a lot of fun this past week, and that fact warms my heart. I love how much they love art, and I love being known as the “art aunt”. I hope that art will remain a joy in their lives as they grow up. Maybe when they’re nineteen, they’ll find themselves looking for cool rocks and shells, and remember how much fun it is to paint them.

And since I can’t in good conscience end a post about Lake Wallenpaupack without talking about the amazing sunsets there, I leave you with this picture I took from the dock. I hope you enjoy!

Sunset 2021

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