Unfortunately I have not worked on any of my own work since I have been back from Paris. I feel like I still have not gotten back into my schedule since I have been back. I want to make a sculpture based on the amazing sculptures that I saw in the different museums. I absolutely love Rodin and all the pieces he makes. I saw maybe three at most while I was in Paris but apparently there is an entire Rodin museum that I did not get to see:(. I just wish I had more time while I was there.

I have been looking at different sculptures done by him and I am not sure if I want to work on a man or a woman figure. I have so many ideas so hopefully by next week I will have most of my work sculpted in clay and I will have photos to talk about what I did. I definitely have to go to the studio this week and make myself create new things. It’s weird not being in any kind of art class this semester but for the most part I am making it work!!

Only one of these are done by Rodin but I think that all of them a beautiful! They all have such life like qualities even though they are not in life like colors in any way. I want to try to make something like this but I don’t know if I can but I would love to try!

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