Hello everyone! I take a class called Animation for the Illustrator and it is a really interesting class. We watch animation films and talk about them as well as doing assignments that have to do with animation. The most recent one we are doing is rotoscoping animation. Rotoscope animation has to do with getting a reference video and drawing on top of that reference video in order to create animation instead of free handing it. I chose to do a dance animation for my rotoscoping project and it is 12 frames per second and is only 15 seconds long. The amount of frames this animation has is 180 frames and as of right now I am on frame 141 so I am almost there! I will be showing you pictures of what the process is kind of like with and without the reference video underneath my drawings. I used an app on my iPad called Flipaclip in order to make this animation.

animation with reference
animation without reference

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