Saying Goodbye

Hello everyone! If you have read the title of this post, then yes, I am stepping down from blogging so that I can spend my final semester at Marywood focusing on my photography and preparing for my Senior Show. It was a very sad decision but I am excited for the next photography blogger to take over. She was my little ‘menti’ my Junior year of college. From the beginning of mentoring her she is inspiring and passionate about Photography and following in my footsteps. I am excited what she will be blogging as she is creative in many different ways, truly expressing the idea of thinking outside the box.

I didn’t know what I wanted to write as my last post, but then I thought why not share the last images from a project we did in my Portrait class?

For our last project my professor brought in our usual model who was funnily enough also a dancer! Our professor wanted us to capture the model doing unique poses and capture her in the movement of dancing. There were a few of us that were making the model do bendy, weird posing, so I went into a different direction and did simple poses, making all the images in black and white ( of course ) and highlighting certain parts of the body, thereby making the body abstract and minimalist.

Again I was trying to achieve the minimalist look to them. The use of the strobe lighting hitting the perfect amount to highlight the model’s legs, arms, and face. The model wearing simple clothing. Note especially the last image where she is facing away from us standing on one leg and the straps of the clothing makes it interesting to look at. I’ve used lots of triangles ( which is a popular shape for many photographers ).

I like how each image came out. Some are like a complete dance move and others are like stills.

It is sad that this class is ending. I learned a lot about how to pose, how to light up a subject and use high-end lights that professionals are using. I am not a person who directs and poses people. Instead, I just wait for moments to happen and capture them as a photojournalist. But this helped me take my time, get to know the model, and pose her to make her look good. I now have the skills to take all kinds of portraits.

Well, that is all I have to say! Thank you for reading and commenting on my posts! I can’t wait to read what the next blogger creates!

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    1. Thank you soooo much! It was a hard decision and it was sad to pass it on! but I had fun blogging. I am glad you like my work! thank you!

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