Scrap Paper

Over the weekend I decided to set aside some time to create art just for fun. The last month and a half I have spent most of my time making art for my classes so it was nice to let lose and make something without any constraints. I had a lot of scrap paper left over from the painting class I’m taking and these pieces of paper are painted all different colors from bright pinks and yellows to darker purples and blues. Instead of letting the paper go to waste or sit around for me to forget about, I thought it would be fun to use it to start an abstract collage on 18” x 24” canvas.

Normally, I do not work abstractly but I am always up to trying new things and styles when it comes to making art so I thought why not? I started off the collage by taking pink and yellow pieces of paper and cutting them into squares, rectangles and other shapes of all different sizes. Then I used mod podge which is a type of glue to paste it to the canvas. Right now the collage isn’t even close to finished but I hope to continue working on it when I have some free time.



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