Sculptor: Håkon Anton Fagerås

Born in Norway in 1975, sculptor Håkon creates life like sculpture mainly out of marble. He attended the National College of Arts and Crafts from 1996 to 1997, and Oslo National Academy of Fine Art from 1997 to 2001, and currently lives in Italy where he continues to work on creating sculptures that perfectly capture still moments in time. I want to focus on his process in the creation of these sculptures that mimic life so vividly.

Håkon’s creative process begins like most artists; with a sketch. Håkon uses his sketches to visualize the full scale of his pieces. He then constructs a wire frame to support his clay sculptures, and applies the clay in large amounts to create the form, or general shape of the piece. To define the details, smaller amounts of clay are slowly applied. Finally, clay tools are used for the finest details such as the facial features, hands, or folds in cloth. Throughout the process, Håkon keeps a spray bottle on hand to ensure that the clay does not dry prematurely.

After the clay hardens, Håkon uses the model to caste a mold to pour plaster into. Once the plaster dries, the mold is removed from the caste and the excess plaster is chipped off with a hammer and chisel or an electronic chisel. Håkon has an assortment of small plaster carving tools to refine the details in his sculpture and brush off excess dust and plaster pieces. During the plaster carving process, Håkon wears protective goggles and respiratory equipment to prevent him from inhaling the dust created from carving.

Håkon shares the progress of his works on his Instagram and personal website. I highly recommend looking at his 2018 sculpture collection “Down” where he sculpts clay and marble to look as soft as pillows! I hope you enjoyed learning about this fantastic and talented artist!

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