Searching for a camera

Throughout my life, I’ve always had a deep love for photography. After my love for fashion, photography was my first entry into the art world. I would always carry my camera around to photograph my daily life, family, friends, and everything beautiful. For years I carried a DSLR camera with me, which has a fairly large and heavy body. With the additional weight that comes from the lens and any other attachments that I might use, it winds up being a pretty bulky camera. As time passed, I found myself wanting to bring out my camera less and less as a result of having to lug around such heavy equipment.

With the idea of compactability in mind, I decided to go on a hunt for a new camera. I knew I wanted something that was small, lightweight, quiet, and with newer, more advanced technology than my previous camera. This led me to finding the Fujifilm x-t30. Not only is the camera a work of art in itself, but it hits all of my requirements. On top of the incredibly high quality and sharp images that it takes, it even has settings to mimic different types of  film, which is quite fun to play around with. I’m a huge fan of how traditional it looks and I cannot wait to share some of the shots I take in the near future. Please enjoy some test shots!

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