Self-discovery Prompts

Only in the process of fixing myself, did I really know who I was.”

Sade Andria Zabala

As we all know and love, Pinterest is one of the best apps a phone can have. Ideas for new crafts, outfits for all of the seasons, how to decorate your home, quotes… pretty much everything a person can think of. As I search through my pins and save them to my own boards, I have come across many helpful activities for therapy and stress reduction. Searching through this app, I came across a list called “30 Prompts for Self-discovery.”

Prompts like these are great for journaling and/or sketching. I have learned to love both of these activities because they work perfectly in my busy schedule for relieving stress. These questions also can be vital when working with art therapy patients/clients in the future. Asking someone or asking yourself questions like “What has been bothering you?,” “How can you reduce your stress?,” and “What does your ideal morning look like?” can be the perfect way to guide others or yourself to self-discovery. Sometimes life gets in the way and we get too distracted by our jobs or school. We lose track of things we need or want, but it is necessary that we always remember to take care of ourselves too.

Self-discovery is not always obvious, but should always be taken care of when realized. Questions such as the ones shown in the head picture can lead someone to much more accepting and calmer life. Writing about how these prompts make you feel or drawing out an image to pair with a prompt can be a great source of stress release and you may get some unexpected results!

30 Prompts Journal

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