Setting Up a Studio Space

One of the privileges our Art Department offers it’s upper-class men painting majors is an individual painting studio room in the MFA hallway that connects the two main studios on the Third floor of the Insalaco building. These are one of six semi-private rooms that allow you to conduct individual study and studio access 24/7! This is only my 2nd semester in these rooms and in the relatively short time I’ve been working in one, I have been able to experiment with different styles in order to grow as an artist and expand my portfolio in ways I would not be able to do otherwise. Although I very much appreciated the spaces offered to me as an underclassmen, there really is nothing like having your own room to create in and make completely your own! Which is all the more reason to stick with the program to gain the privileges later on in your studies. With this post I’d like to show you the most adequate way to set up your studio in order to get the best results out of your creative en devours. I also think its important to note that although I’ll be showing my own studio, that this could really apply to any space in which you’re making art. Also that I understand everyone works differently, so if none of what I say pertains to your own style of painting just completely disregard everything is say!

First thing I always like to do is designate the area with the best lighting to drawing. In painting there is a great deal of sketching before your paintbrush ever hits canvas so its always a good idea to set aside a “drawing station” as I like to call it!

Here is a closer look at where I map out my paintings and sketch out their designs! I like using the comparison to map making when talking about painting because when it comes down to it all art is a creative exploration with beauty as its destination. You’ ll see that I have something is the works as we speak! another great thing about having an area like this is that it allows you to really spend time with your preliminary ideas and drawings that really work as pieces on their own and look great displayed alongside the finished piece in a gallery or show!

colorful companions

By far the most fun in setting up a new studio is surrounding yourself with all your own work! I personally like to have my most colorful pieces closest to me while I work because color is the most inspiring thing for me. I do plan on dedicating an entire post to my Birds as seen in the second picture, captioned “colorful companions” for a reason, in the near future but right now ill just say that i think its very important to decorate your studio with anything and everything that inspires you to create and keep you stimulated so you can work as long as possible in these amazing spaces Marywood offers its students!

The idea of “studio” as a concept maybe the single most important thing for a painter. This is the area in which you create in, your very own universe that is completely of your own making so cherish it and spend as much time there as possible!

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