She Dreams in Color

Aside from the pieces I am creating my senior show and the piece I have made for the MUSATA on November 2nd, there is one last show coming up. The Studio Art Therapy class this semester was given the opportunity to present their own pieces in the 2nd floor lobby of the Shields Center for Visual Arts, right outside the Suraci Gallery. We were given time in class to work on these pieces as we were a group of clients in a studio approach to art therapy.

I created a representation of a both hemispheres of the brain with watercolors. The colors incorporated in this piece give me a sense of mindfulness and relaxation, as well as the medium of watercolor. This specific medium is not always for everyone, but I have always been drawn to it since using it in high school. This mindfulness piece is titled “She Dreams in Color” after the song “Better Man” by Pearl Jam. “Better Man” has been one of my favorite songs since I first heard it and speaks to me in such ways through their lyrics. I am happy another art was there to inspire me for the creation and meaning behind this piece. Here is my final piece and some of its moments.

It may not appear to be so intricate but the tiny shapes and the certain forms of each color was thoroughly thought out. From picking what colors to use to looking at my final product, I enjoyed the whole thing. Both the process and the final piece itself mean a lot to me and I am excited to share this with the rest of my class and campus!

Featured image: [another moment!]

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