Shooting Portraits with Speedlights

In Advertising and Illustrative Photography, we’ve most recently been utilizing speedlights. Speedlights are essentially more simplified and compact versions of studio flashes, that are generally more affordable and easier to control. The first project that we were assigned since our introduction to this equipment was shooting portraits with them, outside of the studio.

Returning to a spot from a previous project, the top floor of Marywood’s art building, and with the cooperation of my wonderful girlfriend, Mel, I made some images. Initially I was a little unsure of what approach would be best but once I agreed on what level the flash should be on and what exposures I would be making, the rest sort of fell into place. Overall I’m happy that I decided to shoot where I did, I have always found that particular area of the building to be aesthetically interesting and I feel as if the internal architecture plays a large role in the effectiveness of the images.



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