Silent Gallery Tours

If you’re like me, you love museums and are absolutely missing them right now. My number one solution to this during these crazy quarantine times has been The Met’s Silent Gallery Tours. Every Wednesday they do one of these silent tours live on their Instagram account. They walk around a gallery, focusing in on certain works and allow the viewer to feel like they are moving through the gallery. I have to say, one of my favorite things about these is that honestly they are so relaxing. For a few minutes it transports you into the museum and it’s completely quiet and serene, as if you have the whole gallery to yourself. 

Every time it is a different gallery with all new works to see. And if you really want to see a particular gallery, artist, or work, The Met will usually post a suggestion box in their stories where you can type in what you’d love to see next.

If you haven’t seen these silent tours before I would highly recommend it. You can even set it so you get a notification when they start live, and if you can’t watch it live because you’re busy, no worries. The Met posts them afterwards to watch on your own time or even save for later. If you want to access this series of videos more precisely, go to their Instagram page, click on the IGTV icon, and click on the series dropdown arrow. Here you can access the whole series and watch all of the past silent tours. 

These screenshots show how to access the series and past videos from their Instagram.

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